Friday, 22 March 2013

Printed Bags

Printed Bags

Printed Bags

Printed Bags
In our daily life we use many kind of bags , but look at these printed bags, very cool and creative and funny as well , Some companies are doing their advertisement in style of these printed bags, so that these things attract people, In USA , marketing is very costly and people are thinking to improve their business in cheap but in creative ways , these kind of printed bags make your shopping more interesting,
printed bags are more common these days, In this way people make their shopping more prominent, and feel easier to do as well ,advertisement gives best when it attract people and also make people happy,
so just watch out some of these collection of printed bags , Hope you like it ,and in future i'll update more interesting stuff like this .

Printed Bags

Thursday, 21 March 2013

pics of tattoos

pics of tattoos

pics of tattoos
This is a new style to express our art to every one, Just think a bit creative,take some colors and drew what ever you want ,tattoo show us the art and feelings,here is some pics of tattoos,
this is what the art is, this is cool way and also very creative,somehow these pics of tattoos are very rare and awesome.i got these from my collection for visitors of my site,the body art is also a good way to show the creativity,in our daily life you dont bother the art,but some creative people made it the profession,and they are ding it professionally,
our body shows our soul and we can express it by the way of tattoos
there are billions of people in this world who love to draw tattoos,they just love the pain and color on their body, I'll update some other pics of tattoos further, i just wanna say that body painting is also comes in the meanings of art and tattoos

Pics of tattoos

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Creative Set of Knifes

Checkout this creative knife set. In a single piece with different sizes.
every housewife will love this,
being a cooking lover i want a set like this in my kitchen ..

Creative Set of Knifes

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Meet the largest Rabbit of the World people.
Bunnies are ofcourse one of the most beautiful creatures round the world.
They are fluffy , cute , innocent and one of the most favourite to be kept as pets .

Largest Bunny

Picture above shows a Log pillow .
It seems as if someone has placed a log .
Too close to real log .
Nice idea !

Log Pillow

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Everybody must be aware of the tactics to eat watermelon.
Its one of the most wanted fruit of Summers.
However, most common method of eating it to cut it longitudinally into sections or to cut rectangular slices of watermelon and then salt them to add more taste.
Moreover, this fruit can be made look more delicious and tempting if you cut its slices via icecream scoop.
Have a look at the picture and grasp the wonderful idea .
Try at your own.

Creative Skills in Food

Beauty of every constructive material is amazing.
But to me , beauty of wooden work is mouth watering.
Wooden creativity has no parallels in any of other constructive materials.
You may have a look at the picture above. Purely wooden work has added trillions to its beauty.
You will surely admire my point.

Wooden Beauty

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dubai Aquairum is one of the largest tanks in the world !
Physical dimensions of this aquarium are 51m x 20m x 11m.
It features the world's largest viewing panel at 32.8m wide and 8.3m high.
Another feauture of it is its antique beauty and relishment for the viewers

Dubai Aquarium

The picture reveals an Iridescent (Rainbow) cloud in Himalaya.
Its a sort of cloud spiral in the sky.
This phenomena was observed early in October 8th, 2009.
Beautiful and amazing phenomena hence to be seen again and again.
A source of bliss by the beautiful nature indeed.

Rainbow Cloud

Have a look onto this pillow. What a beautiful pillow man has got.
But you need to concentrate a bit and look carefully at the pillow in his hand.
Yes ! thats not a pillow.Infact it is a Remote control.
Thats the creativity at its peak people.
A pillow acting as a remote control is pretty much amazing and unique.

Pillow Remote

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Unique Lamp
At first , you might not prepare your brains to accept this very thing as some electronic instrument but it actually is.
First glance proves it to be some sort of creatures from Kingdom Fungi ut that is absolutely wrong inception.
It is an electronic Lamp rather than mushroom.
A weird piece of technology yet amazing and unique.
Everybody will love to have them at their homes.

Unique Lamp

3D Art
Well, there aren't less things in this universe to get astonished at.
However, humans have been the source to reveal their amazing skills via painting , architecture, by hand etc.
Above picture reflects a marvellous 3D Art enough to make people fool of as to someone behind the wall is actually following and watching them.
Crazy art indeed and well appreciable.

3D Art

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.
The picture reflects a beautiful moment captured when a soldier was busy loving the puppies.
These soldiers are not only life savers of humankind but also of other creatures like these puppies.
For an act of kindness, one just needs a heart .
Hats off to this man.

Little Deeds

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Given above in the picture is a cake been designed on Oceanic theme.
The cake is being designed with fondant icing dolphins , Starfish, Seahorses, shells , additional piped jelly fish and coral- Hand painted with royal icing and airbrush in food colours !
What a different and bombastic idea it is...I am sure nobody would have ever seen such cake..
Cake lovers are being challenged to give it a try at their homes...


Oceanic Theme Cake

Sunday, 6 January 2013

 Creative Candle
This is just amazing, Beautiful creativity I've never seen a candle like this,
now a days we can see many kind of
decorative candles in market .
in this candle you fire this once and it burns itself all around..
this is a called creativity ,for the time being this kind of candles will be available in the market,
its make beautiful sense in home ,you can decorate your home by this kind of
decorative candles..

Decorative Candles

Nature's Creativity
Nature has Power,look at the roots of the tree, Its makes the sense of the Creativity.
looks awesome by the way..

Nature's Creativity